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Everything you could want from your gym… and more.

Originally founded in 2012 as CrossFit Burwood (And then CrossFit Box Hill in 2014) out of a tiny warehouse, this local start-up has organically grown into one of Melbourne’s Premier Fitness Facilities.

Our life’s work is bringing you the BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY.

Whether you are putting in work during one of our 45+ Weekly Group Classes, or looking for a deeper social life, we have got you covered.

MOV.E is a fitness experience like no other. We have got the perfect program for you, no matter your current experience or fitness goals.

We have raised the bar for functional training with FOUR UNIQUE PROGRAMS that are designed to make you a BETTER HUMAN.





Please take a look around our site, and then contact us or stop by.

We genuinely want to meet you and help you along the way on your unique Fitness Journey.

Got A Question About Our EVOLUTION?


Are you a registered CrossFit Affiliate?
Do you still run CrossFit Classes?
So why the change?
Are you a registered CrossFit Affiliate?

Yes. We are still a registered CrossFit Affiliate; the home of CrossFit Box Hill.

Do you still run CrossFit Classes?

Yes. We still believe the CrossFit Methodology of constantly varied functional movements, performed at relative intensity – is bar far the most superior health & fitness training methodology out there.

We use this concept throughout our four programs to:

  1. Provide training programs the are safe and effective to all populations (irrespective of age, gender and limitations).
  2. Illicit sustainable long term results, that enhance the quality of life of our members.
So why the change?

Previously, we offered a single program; CrossFit. What we found over the past 7 years, is that our expertise extended further than simply coaching functional movements. We began working with more and more clients on aspects such as Mindset, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Pre-habilitation, Nutrition and Wellness, and began to wonder how we can effectively offer this to all of our clients.

Through the creation of our BUILD., BURN. and FLEX. programs we were able to reach more of our members on all of these various aspects.

We are no longer defined by CROSSFIT, but use it as a foundation to BUILD BETTER HUMANS for the long term.

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