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How much do you cost?


We pride ourselves on not being the cheapest gym in town – and we hope that cheap is not what you’re looking for.

Our prices are a reflection of the unparalleled level of service and lifelong value of a healthy lifestyle that we provide.

Our memberships come in various shapes and sizes; Month-to-Month, Personal Training Packages, Couples Discount, Corporate rates and much more.

We customise each Membership option to suit YOU and YOUR GOALS.

Get Started
FREELet's get to know each other
  • And most importantly, we want to get to know you and find out what you are looking to achieve through health & fitness, so we can design a UNIQUE plan to help you achieve it.
Personal Training
$80Per 45min. Bulk Session Discounts Apply
  • Your Schedule, Your Goals. We Handle the rest.
  • A Private And More Intimate Experience For Anyone Looking To Start Their Fitness Journey In A More Private Setting.

Got A Question? Let's Answer it!


Do I Need Prior Experience To Take Classes?
What Should I Expect At My Free Consult and Class?
Can I do the Fundamentals with a friend or partner?
Will It Be Hard?
What Are The Classes Like?
Do I Need Prior Experience To Take Classes?


We have a commitment to our current members in the form of providing them with 100% of our attention in their chosen classes. This mean’s we can’t have people (with no prior fitness experience) participating in classes alone. This is why we buddy a Coach with you for your FREE Class after we get to know you at your Consultation.

What Should I Expect At My Free Consult and Class?

The purpose of this consultation, is for both you and us to get to know each other. We want to find out about your current health, previous exercise experience, and most importantly – what you are looking to achieve.

It is also an opportunity for us to showcase our world-class equipment and purpose built facilities which include private parking; modern bathroom/ shower facilities and member lounge/ kids area.

To conclude the consult, we buddy with you for a Free Class.

Can I do the Fundamentals with a friend or partner?

Absolutely. If you are both available to complete the 3 x 45min 1-on-1s together, there is no additional cost. You both simply split the $300 cost.

Max 2 persons per Fundamentals Program.

Will It Be Hard?

Every workout is designed to be challenging whilst also being tailored to your own individual goals and abilities. You will be challenged everyday that you come to a class and this will get you exceptional results.

What Are The Classes Like?

Every class you attend, you will be guided and coached by experienced and qualified Trainers. From the moment you arrive, to the minute you leave the gym, you will be taught better movement, advised on suitable loading and intensities specific to your goals and abilities, and educated on various aspects of health.