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How Can I Start?


The below options are applicable for any person wishing to join us between November 9th through December 6th, 2020 (inclusive).

We will continue to update our Pricing Option’s as ‘Easing Of Restrictions’ occurs by the Victorian Government.

Get Started
$30Let's get to know each other
  • Ready to reclaim your Health & Fitness after spending months in isolation? Complete our MOVE Trial Class. Click Below for details.
10 x Class Credits
$30060 Day Expiry
  • LET'S GO!
  • Following the completion of your MOVE Better Program, your welcome to join our In Person Classes:
  • - MOVE Class (1 Credits)
  • - NO Open Gym Access

Got A Question? Let's Answer it!


Do I Need Prior Experience To Take Classes?
What Should I Expect At My MOVE BETTER Classes?
Can I do the MOVE BETTER Class with a Friend?
Will It Be Hard?
What Are The Classes Like?
Are You COVID-19 SAFE?
Do I Need Prior Experience To Take Classes?


We have a commitment to our current members in the form of providing them with 100% of our attention in their chosen classes. This mean’s we can’t have people (with no prior fitness experience) participating in classes alone. This is why we provide our MOVE BETER Class.

What Should I Expect At My MOVE BETTER Classes?

The purpose of this program, is for both you and us to get to know each other. We want to find out about your current health, previous exercise experience, and most importantly – what you are looking to achieve.

It is also an opportunity for us to showcase our world-class equipment and purpose built facilities which include private parking; modern bathroom/ shower facilities and member lounge/ kids area.

At the conclusion of the class you will be familiar with not only the MOV.E Community, but you will have a basic understanding of the core movements we utilise to improve your health & fitness.

Can I do the MOVE BETTER Class with a Friend?

Absolutely. Each Class is capped at 6 Persons. Simply have your friend purchase a Class Credit, and ensure they book into the same Class as you!

Will It Be Hard?

Every workout is designed to be challenging whilst also being tailored to your own individual goals and abilities. You will be challenged everyday that you come to a class and this will get you exceptional results.

What Are The Classes Like?

Every class you attend, you will be guided and coached by experienced and qualified Trainers. From the moment you arrive, to the minute you leave the gym, you will be taught better movement, advised on suitable loading and intensities specific to your goals and abilities, whilst being educated on various aspects of health.

Are You COVID-19 SAFE?


We have strict measures in place which can be viewed on our SCHEDULE PAGE HERE