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This month, we have the pleasure of awarding our August Member Of The Month to Barb.

Barb has been with us for almost 18 months now, and was somewhat apprehensive starting, having never lifted a barbell or participated in functional exercise classes prior to joining us at MOV.E.

Barb initially started with us averaging 3 classes a week, and is now a regular MOV.E’er often seen crushing 5 classes per week. It is this consistency that has seen Barb make some fantastic improvements – specifically in her strength, but most importantly in her confidence to complete movements/ workouts that she normally would shy from.

Barb we are so thrilled with how you have embraced training with us at MOV.E over these past 18 months, and look forward to working further with you in building a better you.

Thank you for being an awesome member of MOV.E

We sat down with Barb recently:

How long have you been at MOV.E //CrossFit Box Hill?
Almost 18 months.
What do you enjoy doing outside of the Gym?
Relaxing, cycling, leisurely weekend country drives riding in the ’66 GOAT!
What is your favourite movement or Workout?
Ab mats, skipping (still mostly singles, with the odd double thrown in)
What is your least favourite movement or WOD?
How long have you got…… war (oh I mean wall) balls, burpees of any kind
What is your biggest achievement so far at MOV.E // CrossFit Box Hill?
Attending the 5.30am session on a regular basis
What are your future Goals?
I would like to concentrate on my nutrition, which would allow me so SEE the benefits from my workouts.
Any advice for anyone just starting their Health & Fitness journey?
Do it!!  It is challenging, frustrating, hard at times….. but very rewarding
Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I DO NOT look my best at 5,30am workouts.  Hang on… you know that!  I have a pet bearded dragon named Pretty Boy Floyd

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