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#JUSTMOVE with us

What We Do.

We understand everyone has different goals with their fitness. Our focus is to create inclusive group classes as well as individual training options that create a fulfilling experience for everyone; from beginners to seasoned exercise enthusiasts and beyond.

Our various group classes are the cornerstone of MOV.E. Each has it’s own focus with options for adjustments to perfectly tailor the experience to you. We are always testing new training concepts while providing the best approaches out there!

We also provide a more focused training scenario for a more intimate experience. This is suitable for anyone looking to start their fitness journey in a small group or individual setting.


Your All-In-One Fitness Class.

60min classes where every day is different. Designed to keep you ‘MOVE‘ing on your unique fitness journey. Skills, Strength & Cardio elements feature in any and all combinations, varying each day. MOVE. is your All-in-one fitness class to ensure you live a better life outside of the gym walls.⁠


Learn to Lift. Learn to Move.

Develop Strength & Confidence.
This 60min class BUILDS your base and gets you strong through varied Strength and Gymnastics Movements. These classes include strength and/ or skill development exercises. Learn to Lift, Learn to Move.


Short, Sweet And Super Sweaty!

Get in, Get Fit, Get on with your day.
These 30min Classes Combine Simple Bodyweight Gymnastics, And Light Lifting Movements For A High-energy Workout Every Time.


The Perfect Blend!

Of yoga + strength + conditioning. Bring your mat. Walk in curious. Get Flexible. Get Stronger. Get Sweaty and walk out feeling amazing.

Private Coaching

Your Schedule, Your Goals, We Handle The Rest.

For Focused Training Time.

This 1-on-1 Training Scenario Provides A Private And More Intimate Experience For Anyone Looking To Start Their Fitness Journey In A More Private Setting. With This Service, You’re In Control Of Your Training Schedule And Every Session Is Individually Tailored To Your Goals And Fitness Level.

Nutrition Programs

Dominate The Kitchen!

Support Your Exercise Goals, With Personalised Nutrition.

We Ensure That Exercise Is Fun And Effective, But The Reality Is That Your Commitment To Your Health & Fitness Can’t End There – It Must Carry Over To The Kitchen And Your Nutrition. We Have Partnered With Married To My Macros To Offer A Variety Of Science-based Plans That Takes Your Lifestyle And Goals Into Consideration And Draws Up A Game Plan So That You Always Know You Are Eating Optimally.